Real Spain

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For every traveller, Spain is a crucible of pleasures, fiestas, sensations, excitement and passion.

Culture, architecture, art, music, dance, Flamenco, sun, natural spaces, beaches, bullfighting, nightlife, cuisine, tapas and its hospitable, friendly people make Spain the most sought-after paradise destination for tourists from all over the world. Come with In Travel to the most iconic travel destinations in Spain.

Nearly two centuries ago, the great German poet Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, full of admiration, described Spain as ‘the lovely land of wine and song’.

And in the 17th century Gaspar de Guzmán, the historic Count-Duke of Olivares, asserted that ‘God is Spanish and fights for our nation’, aware of the privileged nature of this land its inhabitants. How can anyone resist the charms of this real Spain?

And in Alicante, José Martínez Ruiz, “Azorín”, told us ‘Whether large or small, every Spanish town has a lesson’, underlining the inexhaustible wisdom of a generous, honest and hard-working people, who nevertheless are always ready to stop and share the finest pleasures in life.

Spain is a way of life. Come with In Travel to experience the passion and the fun of your personalised holiday in Spain.

In Travel will help you organise a personalised holiday in Spain to suit your interests. In your custom tour of Spain, don’t forget that this is the land of fiesta, the traditional festivals that bring crowds together for riotous fun, noise, music and shared enjoyment in streets and squares. 

Simply mentioning the most famous Spanish fiestas evokes the most pleasurable experiences recalled such illustrious figures as the American writer Ernest Hemingway, the film director Orson Welles and the actress Ava Gardner. All the great names who have lived their lives to the full have enjoyed and celebrated the fiestas of Spain.

Any self-respecting globetrotter has seen, or plans to see, the Fiestas of San Fermín in Pamplona, and the world-famous Running of the Bulls. 

And who hasn’t heard of the Tomatina in Buñol (Valencia), a cathartic experience for the masses, drawing visitors from every continent.

You can also choose to organise your personalised trip to Spain with In Travel to have fun at the Fallas of Valencia, a festival of fireworks, bonfires and passion; the Moors and Christians of Alcoy (Alicante); the Feria de Abril in Seville; the springtime festivals of Patios and Crosses in Cordoba, in the heart of Andalusia; the passionate, crowded and colourful Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands; the bullfighting festival of San Isidro, in Madrid, and many other traditional fiestas all year round, in every part of Spain.