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In Spain, good food has been a passion for centuries, in every part of the country. If you like travelling and fine dining, enjoy our culinary routes in Spain. Discover our most brilliant, flexible and personalised options for sampling the culinary routes of Spain with In Travel.

More than 100 years ago, the great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food.’ These days, ever more travellers feel a sincere and intense devotion to haute cuisine, fine wines and the art of the table.

Indeed, food and cooking are now considered to be an essential part of the identity, culture, habits, history and traditions of any country or region. It seems impossible to understand a nation, its customs and its people if you have not had the opportunity to try its local cuisine.

Culinary tours of Spain are a powerful magnet to the discerning traveller eager for new sensory experiences, whether with the most traditional dishes or sampling a tempting mix of tapas, pinchos and wines in a welcoming atmosphere and a sociable, hospitable culture.

Not surprisingly, culinary tours in Spain are a long-standing tradition in the cultural habits of Spaniards. Suffice to say that in Spain there is approximately one bar or restaurant for every 130 inhabitants. A total of over 350,000 establishments where you can feel the passion for good food which sustains culinary tours in Spain.

Thanks to its wealth and diversity, Spain is one of the destinations which most attracts lovers of travel and culinary tours. There is also a wide variety of natural foods and artisan ingredients produced in Spain. Spain is the origin of some of the finest raw materials and gourmet items, which are served in informal bars or in the most prestigious international restaurants.

In Travel’s team of professionals will give you all the information you need to design your tour of Spanish cuisine, personalised to your taste and preferences.

Come with us to the wineries, restaurants, bars, inns, taverns and the most famous ‘temples of haute cuisine’ of Spain and enjoy every aspect of its food and its wines, a complete, brilliant and balanced blend of tradition and innovation.

Contact the receptive tour operator you can trust. Talk to the team at In Travel and we will help you to experience all the excitement of food tourism in Spain, the land of tapas and pinchos, and of the world’s most prestigious chefs.

Come with In Travel to experience the culinary tours of Spain.




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