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China Express Tour

Come with us and enjoy an exclusive custom tour of China with In Travel. Choose the most fascinating destinations and configure your personalised tour of China, with visits to Beijing and Shanghai.

Thanks to In Travel’s tourist circuit, you can have the opportunity to take a fantastic trip to China with visits to the finest jewels of the art and heritage of one of the most powerful and influential empires in the history of humanity.

Choose our China Express tour, modify it to your tastes and experience the intensity of a millennial civilization, on the threshold between the most ancestral traditions and the most thrilling modernity. In just four days, you can take an astounding journey, a spectacular tour of Beijing and Shanghai.

However, In Travel also offers you the chance to create your own Personalised China Express tour for individuals or groups, with the option of choosing the cities, enclaves, landscapes, experiences and services which best satisfy your own hopes and expectations.

Tell us your preferences, number of travellers, days to stay, places to visit and available budget, and we will bring you the most competitive offer to fit your possibilities and wishes. Your custom China Express tour is waiting for you at In Travel.

Our proposed a Personalised Tour of China offers a tourist route with many possibilities:


Flight to Beijing. Transfer to hotel. Visit to the Summer Palace. Lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Visit to the Cloisonné workshop at the Golden Palace. On to the Great Wall. Visit to the Great Wall at Juyongguan. Visit to the Olympic Village. Visit to the National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest). Visit to the National Aquatics Centre (the Cube). Arrival at the hotel. Leave the hotel for a buffet dinner at the Old Town Roses Restaurant. Return to hotel.


Leave the hotel to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Visit the Temple of Heaven. Visit to a freshwater pearl centre. Acrobatic show. Dinner, with Peking duck. Return to hotel.


Transfer from BEIJING to SHANGHAI. Visit the Temple of Buddha. Free time to enjoy Shanghai’s old city centre and have lunch independently. Stroll along the Shanghai waterfront area, the Bund. Visit to a natural silk factory. Arrival at the hotel. Accommodation and typical Chinese dinner in a restaurant.


Departure from hotel. Transfer to airport and return to city of origin.

In Travel’s custom tours of China are the exclusive opportunity which best accommodate all the tourist experiences you hope to find in a country full of magic and legend, on the cusp between the distant past and an impressive future.

Don’t miss the unbeatable options of our personalised tours in China.

Ask In Travel now for a personalised budget for a custom tour of China and fill your suitcase with souvenirs you will treasure for the rest of your life.