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In Travel specialises in business trips and the MICE segment (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions), with a wide-ranging, specialist and diversified catalogue of receptive tour operator services in destinations in Spain, Portugal, Russia, the rest of Europe, Israel, the Middle and Far East, Africa and the United States.

In Travel has a large team of expert professionals who will attend you in your own language and provide any of the incoming services you might need in the specific field of business tourism.

It is clear that the MICE segment is continuing to grow in a plethora of destinations all over the world, with a rising presence in practically every sector of business, science, culture, institutions and social entities.

Event and incentive tourism is increasingly in demand by business travellers with very diverse profiles, but always with the differentiating requirements and features characterising MICE tourism.

In Travel provides services to travel agencies and tourism professionals who absolutely must provide full satisfaction for their end clients with the criteria of total personalisation, excellence, innovation, competitiveness and originality, in the demanding MICE segment.

In Travel’s business travel suggestions are always adapted to suit the demands, uniqueness and budget of each MICE tourism project. Whatever the size, scope or number of travellers, In Travel will look after all the details to provide you with the most attractive, flexible and personalised offer, always at competitive prices, which will exceed all your expectations in business tourism services.

We listen carefully to your needs and wishes in order to bring you the best 100% personalised offers in eventsincentives, trade fairs, professional meetings, congressesseminarsconventions, expositions, business forums and any other types of event forming part of the MICE tourism sector.

These days, the clients of MICE tourism can be many different kinds of people, groups, professionals, companies, organisations or bodies: private enterprise, business sectors and organisations, non-profits, government bodies, professional associations and organisations of every kind. For all of them, In Travel can offer the added value of personalisation, flexibility, custom options and competitive prices to give maximum satisfaction in MICE tourism. You will get the same result and identical excellence if you ask for services for a single tourist or for thousands of them.

Place your trust in us and book your business trip with In Travel. Consult us and we will provide the most personalised, satisfactory and competitive business tourism proposal you can find.




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Carlos Alvarado
Puntuando de 1 a 10 definiría nuestra relación con In Travel como 1 millón!!! Muy sólida, desde la primera impresión.
Carlos Alvarado
Responsable Logística de Bcd Travel, México