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All over the world, the name of Spain is synonymous with sporting success, above all in Football. We could say this ‘king of sports’ is our best ambassador all over the planet, helping Spain present its best face and its most universal appeal to the world.

With In Travel you can enjoy the best sports events relating to Spanish Football, whether they are matches in La Liga, the Champions League or the Copa del Rey, and matches with Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona.

We all know that Real Madrid C.F. and F.C. Barcelona, or Barça, are the clubs in the Spanish league, La Liga, which grab the attention of the rest of Europe, Latin America, sectors of the USA, Africa and much of Asia. So much so that these clubs in themselves are a major reason why the cities of Madrid and Barcelona are such desirable tourist destinations, drawing people who want to see their most famous sports events.

We often see travellers arriving in Spain’s most important cities feel the urge to get tickets for Real Madrid or tickets for Barcelona, Barça, and experience in person the wild emotion of sports events which are recognised, followed and watched by Soccer fans of every nation and culture.

Do you want to see a Real Madrid or Barcelona match? In Travel can provide you with all the services you need to experience all the sensations of a match played in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu or Camp Nou, two of the most popular temples of football for any international tourist.

In Travel will look after reserving tickets for Real Madrid matches and book your tickets to see Barcelona play. We also provide the services you need to organise your transfers and accommodation in the best hotels, always to your specifications and totally personalised to meet the expectations of your dream tourism experience. In Travel attends to the smallest detail, and we also fine-tune the organisation of your transport to the hotel and transfer to the airport on public transport.

You can experience the passion of La Liga, and see some of the world’s best footballers close up, in the stadiums of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Enjoy the best sports events with In Travel and get your tickets to Real Madrid or tickets to see Barcelona – we make it easy.

Any football fan worth their salt will probably want to take guided tours of the Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou Stadiums, with visiting all their historic facilities and their soccer museums where you can admire the countless titles and trophies won by Real Madrid and Barcelona. The century-old history of these clubs is within reach with the ‘Tour Bernabéu’ or the ‘Camp Nou Experience’, the names of the guided tours of two of the world’s greatest Football arenas.

La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona are valuable assets which form part of the identity of Spain and its biggest cities, and for that reason we will also prepare for you the most spectacular sightseeing tours of the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, so you can admire the abundant wealth of their historic, artistic and architectural heritage, not to mention the vibrant, lively atmosphere of their squares, streets, shops and most famous districts.

In Spain, La Liga is lived with all the boundless passion of a people full of pride, history and love of life and celebrations. Let In Travel bring you all the magic of Football and sports events featuring Real Madrid and Barcelona on their home grounds, as well as enjoying the ‘Tour Bernabéu’, the ‘Camp Nou Experience’ and the spectacular beauty and charm of both these splendid cities.




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