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Portugal is a land of friendly, open and hospitable people, always ready to help visitors and eager to share their greatest treasures.

The Portuguese people are always delighted to welcome you and to share with you their beaches, their paradise islands, their fine food and their vast historic heritage, shaped by the attitude of these determined, adventurous, peaceful and hard-working people.

From the very first visit, Portugal will show you it has countless destinations, each more interesting and attractive than the last. It is impossible to be unhappy in Portugal, with its wide variety of cities and beaches, natural spaces, breathtaking landscapes and stately historic sites, with a beauty and sense of wellbeing which will give the traveller unforgettable moments. Design your dream custom trips to Portugal with In Travel.

If you are going to enjoy a vacation in Portugal, you will always be welcomed and made to feel that your hosts want you to experience the delight in life that such a generous and welcoming country can provide.

Portugal will always offer you the most unique surprises in the most spectacular destinations. There is a great deal to choose from if you have a hankering to create your own personalised trip to Portugal, depending on your interests and your tastes.

  • Plaza del Rocío, Lisboa

The capital of tourism in Portugal is practically a must-see for any visitor travelling for pleasure. History is present in every street and square, with a legacy of countless monuments, museums and heritage sites of enormous value. You really need several days to be able to see just the most important sights of Lisbon and its suburbs.

Once you are in Lisbon, you will want to visit the impressive Torre de Belém, the capital’s defensive tower, on the shore of the beautiful Tagus estuary, next to the Jerónimos Monastery and Church. Both the Belem Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery were built in the 15th-16th centuries, and reflect the identity of the capital with its unmistakable Manueline style, representative of the epoch of greatest splendour and prosperity of Lisbon and its inhabitants. Indeed, the Jerónimos Monastery contains the tomb of Vasco da Gama, and its intense atmosphere strongly evokes the era of the Portuguese explorers.

Also recommended are visits to Lisbon Cathedral, the Castle of São Jorge, the Monument to the Discoveries, the Church of São Roque, the Basílica da Estrela, the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, the Church of Santo António, and many more sights which will satisfy the most demanding travellers in search of history, art and culture.

You should also make time for a leisurely trip on Lisbon’s old trams, and a stroll around the Alfama or Baixa Lisboeta districts, with their shops and their bustling street life.

Lisbon is a must-see in your personalised tour of PortugalTalk to In Travel and we will design your custom route in Portugal.

Porto (or Oporto) is a chaotic city, unique, ancient, crumbling, but with a special charm all its own which will make its mark on any tourist, even those not normally interested in atmosphere.

Porto is Portugal’s second city, the capital of the northern region, and its character and identity are strongly defined by the River Douro, which flows through it, and by its traditional, secular, historic and artisanal wine, Port, much appreciated and valued all over the world.

Visitors to Porto must be sure to visit its incomparable historic centre, the Cathedral, the Clérigos Church and Tower, the Palácio da Bolsa, the Episcopal Palace, the City Hall, and its splendid bridges over the Douro. And it would certainly be a good idea to schedule a visit to the most representative makers of Port wine.

See the old city and the Port wineries in your personalised trip to Portugal.

If you are looking for spectacular beaches, welcoming villages, impressive landscape, water sports, golf courses, sun and nature, your ideal destination is the Algarve region in southern Portugal.

For decades, the Algarve has enjoyed an international image and well-deserved prestige thanks to its infinite beaches, with fine golden sand, clear water, mysterious grottos, colossal cliffs and a delightful climate all year round. If your personalised tour of Portugal includes the beaches of the Algarve, you will probably want to return as much as possible and enjoy the pleasures of this coast.

But the Algarve also offers the chance to play golf in any of its 30 courses, top-level greens in natural settings which are an obligatory stop for thousands of golf amateurs and professionals from all over the world.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the Algarve is its extensive and diverse artistic and architectural heritage, the testimony of a history worth exploring and experiencing. Castles, fortresses, churches and palaces attest to the splendid past which left its mark on cities, towns and villages. From the capital of El Algarve, Faro, to the smallest f¡shing villages, a world of lovely, picturesque scenes awaits. An invitation to wander the streets or simply enjoy the unique atmosphere and architecture of places such as Albufeira, Tavira, Lagos, Portimão, Monte Gordo and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Most people think of Madeira as an island, but it is actually an archipelago consisting of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and three smaller, uninhabited islands known as the Ilhas Desertas. However, it is Madeira that attracts the most tourism, with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, drawn by its beaches, its warm subtropical waters and its gentle, welcoming climate. The capital, Funchal, has conserved the seafaring, cosmopolitan atmosphere which comes from its past as an important Atlantic port for sailors of very different origins in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Perhaps the greatest attraction of the island of Madeira is its impressive landscape, the result of its abrupt volcanic origins. In fact, Madeira is the peak of a huge marine volcano, full of natural settings of surreal beauty. Serene valleys, steep ranges of hills and some of the tallest cliffs in the world give Madeira a thousand amazing scenes that visitors can gaze at and take photographs of forever.

If you are looking for long sandy beaches in Madeira, your best bet is the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, known for its wonderful, endless beach, the delight of sea and sun worshippers. However, Madeira does offer a good number of seawater swimming pools which will satisfy any traveller’s wish to swim and cool down.

As with other destinations in Portugal, Madeira has a notable artistic heritage, the fruit of the wealth and prosperity of earlier eras. Leave time in your schedule to enjoy its circuit of museums, old castles and military fortifications, its stately mansions, churches and convents. Also, in Madeira the historic Manueline architectural style fuses in a unique way with the colonial style and Gothic details, all in the dark volcanic rock which defines and characterises the island’s identity.

The Azores are not just the birthplace of the famous anticyclone, but an archipelago of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, around 1,500 kilometres from mainland Portugal. The nine islands of the Azores are a beautiful and little-known paradise, where the natural spaces, the almost unreal landscape and the lush biodiversity of flora and fauna draw visitors back again and again.

The Azores could be described as a constant surprise, as the spectacular beauty of its natural heritage is unlike anywhere else on earth. Extinct volcanoes, abrupt mountains, Tertiary forests, wild beaches, clear waters, and flowers, masses of flowers growing wild almost everywhere on the islands. It comes as no surprise that one of the Azores is the Island of Flowers, or Flores.

The Azores are sure to offer travellers unique and unforgettable experiences, from watching groups of pilot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat to gazing in winder at the majestic volcano of Mount Pico, on Pico Island, the highest mountain in all of Portugal at 2,351 metres.

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